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I dont know how I found this... [24 Jul 2005|10:56pm]

I claim Luv to Me (Disco Mix) and B4U.
Can you choose

[04 Aug 2004|12:30am]
Hiii. :D I'd like to claim the artists

Judy Crystal

Thanks. :D
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[29 Jun 2004|03:53pm]

Hi everyone, I'd like to claim two songs: Kakumei and A =D
Can you choose

[29 Jun 2004|03:59pm]

I'd like to claim Rage as my character and "One Two Little Bitch" as my song. Thank you!
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:D [06 Jun 2004|09:33am]

I claim Yuli from Pop'n'Music. :D
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I claim... [25 May 2004|12:17pm]

Matsuri Japan. It's just a fun song to play.
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[08 May 2004|05:19pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

New here.

For my first two claims I'd like to claim two songs. Look to the Sky and Look to the Sky True Color Mix.

Can you tell I'm obsessed with it yet? :O

Can you choose

[13 Apr 2004|04:26am]

For my claims I would like to claim the song "My Gifts" By D-Crew from pop'n 11 and the character Zizz from pop'n 7 and 9.
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[21 Mar 2004|07:58pm]

I was wondering if I could drop my two claims for new ones. I promise I'll only do this once!

My claims aren't on the list yet, but they were

Aoi Shodou and Colors from DDR Extreme.

And I would like to change them to

Nori Nori Nori from DDR 6th Mix
and Era from DDR 4th Mix
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Claimage. [05 Mar 2004|06:56am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I claim Yuni as a character, and JaneJana as a song.

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1st & 2nd claim [08 Feb 2004|03:26am]

Ok..No one picked these 2 songs from Dance Maniax...But They're my favorites...

If I can pick 2 songs...I claim Dynamite Rave (B4 ZA Beat Mix) and Mad Blast
Can you choose

My opening statement [08 Feb 2004|03:07am]

[ mood | happy ]

Though I go ahead and introduce myself here in these bords.

My name's Norbert, I'm from Il. (Chicago to be excet), 26 years of age and big time bemani player.

I enjoy playing DDR...Though I'm not all that great. Other bemani games include Para Para Paradise, Beatmania (Not IIDX because Chicago is too cheap to get one), and also Dance Maniax 2nd Mix..We use to have a Dance Freaks around...But not anymore. I use to be very good at DMX2M...But I stop playing after a long time...So I'm trying to get back my groove on that one.

Other then that...Nice to meet you all. ^^;

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[07 Feb 2004|09:57am]

[ mood | giddy ]

I'm new here! Woo! My first claiming community!

Can I claim "true... (Trance Sunrise Mix)"

Edit: Naoki was already claimed! ;_; So I'll change my claim to um... hold on here System S.F. (my second fave artist... behind the genius that is Naoki!)

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[06 Feb 2004|12:37am]

AHHHAHAHAHAHA, we can claim two of each?? *goes nuts*

Artists: good-cool, Orange Lounge
Games: Pop'n Music (I'll only claim one ~_^)
Songs: 100 Sec. Kitchen Battle!! [Special Cooking], Ma-ssa-ra Long Version
Characters: Ageka, Mimi (kitchen style ^^) [both from Pop'n]
Nonstops (Expert courses): Simon Course, Papapaya Course

woot!! if I can only have two, I claim Ageka and 100sec Kitchen Battle!!
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[ mood | ecstatic ]

well its here, i have alot more pictures but they're on julians and evans cameras. it got here and i screamed like a banshee. lol. anywho here are some pictures. if you've ever been to my house you'll recognize the room ^_^

heres a teaser pic ^_^

preston and evan


what do you guys think. if your in the area your more then welcome to come and play it! <3

preston,rob,julian,bill,chef,evan, and myself. were all playing

as long as you call me its cool :D

>> X-Posted to my lj

p.s ill update the claims list a little later after i play with my toy summore :D
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DDR Claims [27 Jan 2004|01:09pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I Claim Paula Terry cause she's pretty and cute and Kosaka Riyu! :)

Can you choose

[26 Jan 2004|09:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I'd like to claim..
Character: Space Mako from Pop'n Music
Song: Door of Magic from DDR Extreme.

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[25 Jan 2004|05:32pm]

I claim Smile.dk for artist and Emi as a character.

Can you choose

claims list [24 Jan 2004|11:42pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

where's my claim for traces ;_;

i didn't see it on the list and i don't want anyone who isn't a TRUE fan of traces to claim it. lol

and i like to edit song banners and bgs in PSP, check 'em out here. hehe ^^

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updates! [24 Feb 2004|12:24am]
[ mood | happy ]

Claims list have been updated ^__^

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