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My opening statement

Though I go ahead and introduce myself here in these bords.

My name's Norbert, I'm from Il. (Chicago to be excet), 26 years of age and big time bemani player.

I enjoy playing DDR...Though I'm not all that great. Other bemani games include Para Para Paradise, Beatmania (Not IIDX because Chicago is too cheap to get one), and also Dance Maniax 2nd Mix..We use to have a Dance Freaks around...But not anymore. I use to be very good at DMX2M...But I stop playing after a long time...So I'm trying to get back my groove on that one.

Other then that...Nice to meet you all. ^^;
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Wait until you start playing Pop'n Music. ^_________^
We dun even have a Pop N'Music here..Chicago's too cheap for that...Let alone a IIDX machine. :(
Hah. Nowhere (besides one place in Canada and a few in California, and, of course, Japan) has a Pop'n Music arcade machine. You have to play it at home.

Such a great game, though.
Except I dun have $500 to burn on a Pn'M controller + game. -_-;